December 01, 2015

Please visit me on my new website! was created to keep all my different ventures 'under one roof'. Please come visit me and if you have bookmarked my blog, please change it to 


  1. She is a person of many artistic talents, and one of those talents is teaching art. You can sign up to take her classes. Which include the basic skills like using tools, craft knifes, scissors, and of course penmanship. Along whit those skills she will teach you about stamping (cards), ink (watercolor), resin (jewelry making), and molding clay objects.

    Russell Beck @ 5 Star Brand

  2. I love the new layout of your website. Super easy to browse through. I could find all the information I wanted to super easy. I have to say, I’ve become a huge fan of your work looking through your portfolio. The work that was produced in your workshops is absolutely breathtaking – especially those angel figurines.

    Kendra Scott @ Business Online Presence

  3. I read your previous Decorables Art BlogSpot with all your different ventures, and was referred to your new website. As a novice crafter, I have been using powertex to create jewellery made from various materials but not always with great success. I notice you are a specialist and I look forward to reading your powertex page when completed.

    Earnest Miller @ Hotline Web Design


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Hand painted Vase 12" - Click to see more...
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