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February 7, 2011
FREE TEMPLATE FOR PAPER ROSES - As promised, download the jpeg file if you want to print and then cut out the shape; download the svg file if you want to use your Cricut to cut multiples for you.
Flower Petal Template to Print Out and Cut
Flower Petal svg file to use with a Cricut
free flower shape


February 5, 2011
zentangle heart

February 2,2011
3 Freebies for Today celebrating the Chinese New Year.  Click on the link
Decorables Greeting Cards and Art: Free SVGs and templates for the Chinese New Year

I have been working on a lot of DIGITAL STAMPS and SVG files which can be used with SCAL and a CRICUT machine.

Figure Skate SVG, JPEG or SCUT2 FILE  Jan.24,2011

free figure skate svg
I showed how to make this skate on the Jan.24th episode of In The Zone

Here are the links for your FREE download:

JPEG - use it to PRINT and then CUT OUT the 3 pieces of the skate.

The JPEG can also be used by importing it directly into Sure Cuts a Lot2 (SCAL2)

Ice Skate SCUT (Sure Cuts a Lot Project File) Skate without holes


Here is the first one...
This is Persiphone and she's done something.  She hasn't fully confessed yet, but we expect her to 'come clean' shortly.

This is free for personal use. The image is the property of R. Birnbaum Cohen. It may not be used in or on any item to be sold without permission from the owner.

Click here to download
i'm sorry 

free heart digital stamp

Click here to download                            


  1. I am glad there are people like you on the web, who are so willing to share your talent with people like me. I love crafting, especially with paper, but I cannot design, particularly containers.And I am always looking for nice containers for gifting. Thanks for sharing your design for exploding boxes.

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to send me this note. You made my day:)


It's nice to get feedback.

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