January 08, 2011

So Proud of Myself --- aka Score at Value Village

Thrilled!  Absolutely, positively thrilled.
Proud! Totally proud of myself - he he- because 
I went to Value Village today and found some really great $@#&!

Exhibit #1

Umm. can you tell how excited I am here?

Found in the Housewares section, I am surmising this was a spice rack -- and it SWIVELS!!!

PERFECT for my odd-sized bottles and glue.
I love when a plan comes together!!!
 Exhibit #2 - MOLDS for casting
99 cents Baby -- I got FRUITS, and SWIRLY, PIN-WHEELY shapes, and NHL TEAM logos (Jello mold)
I gots me pineapple, cherry, grape, apple.... he he he

I'll be making lots of shapes this weekend, for sure.

Now for the final item -  Exhibit #3
Yeppers! 99 cents my friends!

This is a beautiful, ornate wooden box. It's approximately 4"x4"
Some cleaning, re-staining or painting, and then adding a nice embellishment....
It really is beautiful, obviously old and in excellent condition.

Now, let the crafting begin!!!  

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