January 21, 2011

Wired and Twisted - robi@nite Ep.03

If you would like to watch the Playback of my latest show, here is the linkrobi@nite 1/20/2011

I had such a great time tonight and the hour just seems to fly by.  I experienced some video issues for the first 15 minutes, but after that, everything was golden.  One hour doesn't seem like enough time.

Tonight I showed how to make a Mosaic from the leftover plaster from another project.  Economical and VERY ECO-Friendly because everything is used, recycled, and nothing is thrown in the garbage.  Normally when you use plaster and have it in a container, it is best to let it dry and then you could dump it in the garbage (NEVER down the sink).
But now I can get even bigger bang for my buck by using up ALL my plaster:)

There is always a game or contest  --- This was the contest tonight?  Can YOU guess what this item is?
Mosaic using cardboard, clear-drying glue, plaster chips, Beinfang Watercolor Brushes, Martha Stewart Markers.
Wire Art --- You can make letters, objects, paperclips...
Here is the list of all the Products I used tonight:

Marvy Le Plume II paint markers   http://tinyurl.com/4hgqw2f
Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pens http://tinyurl.com/477o4nb
Adirondack Alcohol Inks and Metallic fixatives  http://www.rangerink.com/alcohol_ink.htm
Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive
plaster scraps
Black acrylic PLAID paint

copper wire
telephone wire
Posable Magnifying Glass 
wire Christmas ornament hooks

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