March 24, 2015

Creating a Background with Resin

creating a background with resin
Resin is one of my favourite mediums.  When I started I thought it was just good for pouring into a bezel, but I quickly learned that it's possibilities are infinite. Working with Environmental Technology Inc has afforded me so many opportunities to work with resin products.  Today on the ETI Resin Crafts blog I show you how to create a background with resin. 

Please click HERE to view my post
creating a background with resin

March 17, 2015

Creating a Resin Bookplate or Wall Art

Roberta Birnbaum resin Victorian Lady

On the Resin Crafts blog I have a great project involving a larger pour and imbedding items.  You can create wall art or if you pour less, a very pretty bookplate. Please click HERE to get all the details.  
Roberta Birnbaum resin Victorian Lady

March 12, 2015

Upcycled Wallpaper Book Cards

Roberta Birnbaum wallpaper cardsOn the Bella Crafts Quarterly blog I have this great recycling project tutorial.  You may check it out by clicking HERE

wallpaper books


March 08, 2015

National Craft Month - 14 Cards to Inspire


Roberta Birnbaum wallpaper book cards
Wallpaper and fabric cards

Each weekend in March the Ann Butler Design Stars bring you 14 of their favorite projects. This weekend we feature Cards to inspire you. Please click HERE to start your inspirational adventure.
 decorablesart. wallpaper cards

March 01, 2015

My Painted Dresser Project is in Bella Crafts Quarterly Spring 2015

I am very happy to see my painted dresser in the 2015 spring edition of Bella Crafts Quarterly magazine! This is the first of many projects I will have published this year for different companies, and I'm ecstatic!  
BCQ Spring 2015

BCQ Spring 2015
Beautiful Chalky Finish Dresser
BCQ Spring 2015
This is what the top of the dresser looked like before. It's hard to imagine that I was able to paint RIGHT OVER the lacquered finish and all that damage, without first prepping the surface! Find out what I used :)

Please view the full article in the magazine (page 30) for the complete details of how I turned this Dresser Disaster to a Dresser Fabulous! 
BCQ Spring 2015

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