April 22, 2010

Adventures in the Dollar Store

So, against my better judgment (because I can't help myself from buying craft supplies) I went into the local Dollar Store today.
I LOVE the Dollar Store, even though a lot of items have now gone up to $1.25. 

 Confession: I did NOT intend to buy Craft Glue. In the store I thought these were empty bottles into which I would put my (Martha Stewart craft glue). Now, I did think the package was a little heavy given that the bottles were allegedly empty, but...
Oh well... looks like I will be emptying these bottles! Next time I will pay a little more attention to what I am buying. Still, for $1....

And now we bring you today's installment of:

It cost HOW much???

Now, I often find the same items for sale at Michaels -- but definitely not the same price! 
On a previous shopping trip to the Dollar Store I purchased this tray with a spout. It's wonderful for working with glitter, flocking and embossing powders; I just pour the excess back into the bottles. No muss, no fuss.

The Evidence, Your Honour

Cost at the Dollar Store - $1.25
Cost at Michaels - $7.99

You Decide

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