September 12, 2010

Pink Ribbon Project

In honour of my incredible mother Ethel, my grandmother Eta, , beautiful girlfriend Judy Stein, (may they rest in peace) and countless others who have succumbed to this disease, you are remembered, honoured and prayed for.

Apropos to this time of year (and year-round) I wanted to share one of several projects I like.  In honour of all of us women, and especially those who have lived with breast cancer, here is an idea for you.
The project video is produced by Lindsay Welrich (The Frugal Crafter).  
Lindsay is the first person I ever 'followed' and follow her I did; from site to site and blog to blog.
She is multi-talented, produces many videos and tutorials and is very generous with 'freebies'.

Treat yourself and check out her blog and YouTube videos.

Breast cancer awareness project: note pad holder.


  1. Aww, thanks so much Robi! To answer your question about the watercolor paper I use 140# cold pressed paper when I am soaking the paper, other papers might rip with the masking fluid. But feel free to experiment, it's only a sheet of paper after all:)

  2. I've always been a fan of yours, Lindsay. You are kind and generous and a very talented artist.
    I figured you would need at least 140lb- that's a lot of water!
    Someone gave me 200lb cold press that I haven't used yet, but I swear it could double for drywall! lol


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