February 01, 2011

How To: Make a Plum Blossom Centrepiece

We were celebrating the Chinese New Year (the year of the rabbit) on In The Zone on The Creative EdVentures Network tonight.

This is the first of two tutorials for some fun crafts.  I really loved making the plum blossom piece and I'm very happy with the results.

The supplies required to complete this project: Chenille wires, brown or mahogany coloured acrylic paint, scissors, styrofoam ball, quick-dry glue, pink tissue paper, paint brush(es)
Cut styrofoam ball in half and paint it.  Put it aside to dry.

Ideally use brown or black pipe cleaners ( I am only using the grey for illustration purposes). I used 3 pipe cleaners.  Cut each pipe cleaner into different length pieces - some shorter, some longer...

Twist pieces of wire together and bend into form of twigs/branches.

Cut your tissue paper into 1" square pieces. Plum blossom is pink, but of course you can use any colour you desire.  I chose to use two shades just for variety.  Start with about 40 squares.  I cut my squares while holding the entire package of tissue paper so I only had to cut 'once'.

Place your 'branch' flat, and put a line of glue along the surface - but leave at least 1 1/2 inches at the bottom of the lower branch and do NOT put glue there -- that is where the branch will insert into the foam.

Using the end of a paint brush, place it in the center of a square of tissue paper.  Pick it up and wrap the paper around the brush end. While holding the wrapped piece to the brush, place the tissue paper onto a spot of glue. Pull the brush away and the piece will stick to the branch.

Continue placing the 'blossoms' on the branch, leaving a little space in between each piece.  Once you have covered the top, place it aside to dry.  When dry, flip over the branch and repeat the process on the other side of the branch.

The branches and blossoms have dried and placed however you wish .  I added a little glitter to the ball (just because I like glitter :)

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did, please let me know.  If you decide to try it for yourself, please send a picture!

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  1. HI Robi this is so pretty thank you for sharing I am trying to catch up Hugs Love and prayers Love Bev


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