February 18, 2011

Robi@Nite Show Summary - What Did I Miss Feb. 17th?? LOTS!!!


2. Art Postcards, featuring the work of artist Sue Miller.
3. Vintage Shadow Box demo Robi Cohen
We also had Sue Miller join us in the audience.  It was already on my schedule to talk about her art and use of beautiful post cards as items for purchase, as well as excellent marketing tools. Please check out Sue's website.

Sue Miller
Art Postcards
According to Sue Miller, "Postcards for me have always been a delightful way to send my dear family & friends a short note of cheer plus fantastic way to celebrate the Holidays. They would enjoy seeing my latest works. There were no computers around (BC) before computers.. :-) when I first moved away from home so many years ago, so creating postcards of my art work seemed like a natural way for me to communicate with everyone. Through the years I have created a very vast post card line featuring a huge collection of my fantasy art and my many series of art projects. They also created a unique way to communicate with people in my business. (A picture is worth a thousand words.) 
Most people never throw postcards away...they tend to hang on to them & use them for a book mark or maybe hang them on the refrigerator, or just hang on to them- some how knowing these little sized pretties are kind of special for some mysterious reason & who knows why?.. Postcards are like sending a little prayer to someone.. You don't have to invest in a lot of time writing because there actually is little space for many words. But the person receiving it, gleefully glances at the heart warming art or image and feels a sense of love.Some times words are not needed....because the image speaks for itself.
Postcards are also much cheaper to mail then a regular letter so it is practical yet a creative way to send cheer and hope,& save money , which is always a smart thing to do these days & days past.
Many people through the ages have collected postcards.Today there are still very many active postcard collectors. Often many a folk will frame the image and proudly display it in their home or office space in an interesting frame..creating a cozy visual . Postcard collecting has been around for years & the vintage ones are worth a pretty penny today. It is not uncommon for folks to wander tirelessly through flea markets or local yard sales & estate sales to hopefully spot an oldie by some famous artist of the past. I myself keep my eyes open for any of Harrison Fisher old post cards. He happens to be one of my favorite artists from the early 1900's. He painted many of the covers of popular magazines back then like the Ladies Home Journal and many more. His work was in high demand then & even today.
Maybe 100 years from now there will be someone walking the streets in search for one of my many old postcards.
Life is interesting"
Please check out www.suemillerart.com
Post cards & more

Finally, I demonstrated how I made this shadow box:
I used a cookie tin that had a cellophane window.

Isn't she pretty?

For a little bit more of a vintage look, I added a vintage fur piece to drape around the box.

There will be several free downloadable vintage images made available shortly in a separate blog post. :)

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