March 30, 2011

Cake! What does it mean to YOU?

Monday's In the Zone with Cyn Gagen and Robi Cohen celebrated 'cakes' thanks to our weekly theme, "If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake".  The ideas were wonderful. Cyn showed us many different cakes, like a Diaper Cake, actually edible Birthday Cake, and a beautiful slice of cake made  with floral petals.  Our special guest, Eileen Hull, who developed a beautiful cake die for Sizzix (amongst MANY other dies she has created) made a beautiful little cake. 
Here is my 'take on cake' -   a Dirt Cake! - and many variations on that theme:)
I had fun decorating a loaf tin/gardening tin with my beloved alcohol inks, used AAA fresh Pompano Beach Sand and seashells, gummy worms, Paula Deen cake stencils and a recipe card containing the instructions for an edible dirt cake (using chocolate pudding and crushed chocolate cookies --- YUMMY!

Here is the link for our Monday show featuring the above ideas:

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