March 16, 2011

Loving my Holiday and Celebrating Birthdays!

In honour of my friend Cynthia's birthday, I have been working on a very special project which I will give to her when I next see her.   Here is the WIP and I must admit I am very happy with how it is progressing!  It's a memory album/book and it will have many pages.  Cynthia loves colour, butterflies, seashells, pink, and lots of other things....

I am having a most wonderful and relaxing holiday with my husband.  I have not been a very good girl keeping up with my blog, though.  The warm and sunny days keep pulling me away from the computer -- and that really is a very good thing.  I am also treating myself to the escape of a novel; a Kellerman! Let's see if I can finish it, though:)

I have already spent WAY too much money on craft supplies but I can't help myself. I have discovered Hobby Lobby, Harbor Freight, Jo-ann's, Michaels, AC Moore and the greatest surprise: Marhsall's!     My camera is always at the ready and I have taken many photographs along the way. The grounds of this complex are beautiful and meticulously maintained.  One of my favourite activities is to go to the pool around 4:30 pm (when the sun doesn't hate me as much) , stretch out on a chaise and enjoy the 'cooler warmth' of sunset;it's a nice time to take a little nap and it's my absolute favourite time of the day.

Now that I'm crafting in the sun room, I am so much happier and more productive.  It's a glorious space to be in.  I can open all the blinds and windows and feel the warm breeze and listen to the birds chirping in the trees.

Yesterday Sid and I went to the beach and enjoyed the sunset as we walked along the shore  and gathered more seashells for my projects.

I did not do a 'robi@nite' last week because I took the night off.  This week there WILL be a show -- a very SPECIAL SHOW --- because I will be turning 50 during my show!  How cool is that??

If you missed Monday night's In the Zone with Cyn Gagen and me, here is the link for the playback:
Click here to watch.   Our theme was '50' and we had 3 very special guests to help us celebrate: Lisa Fulmer, Andrea Currie, and Leslie Rahye.  They all really outdid themselves!  Thank you, wonderful ladies for making our show so special:)

Until we meet again,

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  1. Great pictures Robi. Maybe a nice picture of you and Sid on the beach with the beautiful sunset sky for that shell frame you made. Have a wonderful rest of vacation!


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