April 29, 2011

Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Book!


I know that Cyn Gagen will be doing a wonderful 'How To" blog about the making of this beautiful book, but I am so impatient and couldn't wait, so I want to post some pictures NOW and share this heartfelt creation.
Who would think that such beauty could come from toilet paper rolls?  I didn't, until I first heard about them, from Cyn of course, almost one year ago -- and I have been saving all my rolls ever since.

I found it so coincidental that Cyn and I both chose to make books for each other for our respective birthdays ( in March).

I love it and play with it - you know - taking the special tags out of their sleeves and putting them back. 
Stay tuned to the Creative EdVentures blog, or Cyn's personal blog, for her complete 'how to' post!


  1. LOVE IT!!! :) I love how Cyn incorporated our quotes!!! That's great!! Beautiful book--you are a lucky friend ms. robi! :)

  2. and thank YOU Leslie Rahye for contributing to my 'most special book'.
    And yes, I AM lucky:)


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