July 07, 2011

How to Create a Monogram using MS Word

You don't need expensive programs to create a beautiful monogram.  During my appearance on C&T Publishing's Wednesday Night Live I demonstrated how to personalize cloth and paper napkins. Here is the link for my corresponding blog post: CLICK HERE

Monogram on napkin using inkjet printer

In WORD, type your 3 letters with NO space between each one eg. RCS
I would suggest choosing your text SIZE and COLOR now. You will probably want to choose at least 36 for your first initials and 48 for the surname initial. 
eg. RcS
Next, highlight only the 3 letters, right click and select FONT
From FONT select CHARACTER SPACING and from the SPACING box select CONDENSED.
From the BY box right beside it, adjust how MUCH you want to move the letters closer.
eg. 1 pt will barely move them, but 8 pt will bring them nicely together.

You will be able to view your progress in the Preview window at the bottom of your popup box. Click OK.
For added interest you can also adjust your letters to appear on different levels.

Select FONT tab again and from the EFFECTS section, you can select Superscript to raise your letter, and/or Subscript to lower your letter. Have some fun with this!


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