November 14, 2011

Circle Journal

I am participating in my first circle journal with 12 other artists.  I'm under a kind of 'publication ban' - lol - by the group because we want to keep our creations under wraps until we see them when they arrive at our homes. For the uninitiated (like I was ) we each make a journal ( cover and inside pages). We each decorate our own covers and the first double-page spread.
For my journal I chose to use 90 lb cold press watercolour paper for the cover, and 200 lb 

warm press paper for 
the actual pages.  This paper is incredibly durable and I loved using it for this project.
I sealed the front cover with Mod Podge and Liquitex gel medium.  

For the back inside cover I used decorative duct tape.

I am kind of sad sending my little journal off into the world and can't wait to get it back (maybe in about 6 months) when all the participating artists will have decorated 2 pages each and my journal will be a work of art from around the world ( yes, this is a truly International, Trans-continental endeavour.).

Thank you for stopping by!

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