December 02, 2011

'Art Deco' ATC and Tutorial for LisaLizaLou

One of my 'inspirational' drawings -- I may use it in something else

This month's theme is 'Art Deco' and I drew I don't know how many different images, but finally chose this Christmas tree.

Art Deco is about geometry, straight lines, height in images and words, etc. 
I decided to do a geometric tree and ONLY DRAW ONE HALF of the tree so I would be POSITIVE my image was symmetrical.  i.e. I copied my 'half of tree', flipped it and then moved it right beside the other half to form ONE perfectly symmetrical tree. 
I don't know about you, but I can be quite challenged when trying to draw anything symmetrical. 

So I created the tree, including the ornaments and the words, using Snaggit Editor which allows you to play with vectors and create any shapes you desire. I then printed it on card stock. The tree is coloured in with Bienfang watercolour brushes.

While the paint was still wet I sprinkled with UTEE and embossed the entire image. But not just once: 3 times.

TIP - i.e. While the UTEE was still hot I quickly sprinkled more UTEE on, and repeated this.  You wind up with a nice, thick glossy coat.

I chose the red and gold square of felt embossed paper to cover my base card.  

QUICKIE TIP  - Don't feel like schlepping out a sewing machine to stitch borders: Use RUB-ONS! I have Rub-Ons that look like stitching and I think it looks great and it adhered beautifully to the paper.

I adhered the gold & red paper with my Scotch Advanced Tape Glider (because I try to minimize the amount of 'wet' glue I use on projects like this.)

To make sure the patterned paper and 'stitching' was secure, I painted a thin coat of Martha Stewart's decoupage glue and sealer over the entire piece and then, while still wet, attached my tree to the red and gold paper.  I had to hold it in place for a little while because the embossing made it rather stiff.  
Once dry, I added the red rose at the top using my hot glue gun.

I hope whoever receives my card like it!

Thank you for stopping by!
~ Robi

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