February 19, 2012

UPDATE: 3D flower template designed by ME!

I designed my own 3D flower template tonight  using my Cricut and Sure Cuts a Lot! I can control the size of my petals.
 I hand-rolled all of them, but can you tell which is the one I designed?

Designed on the computer using SCAL and printed out with my Cricut.

The Pink flower, centre bottom, is the one I designed.  
I made 4 strips and cut them out with my Cricut

Carefully removing the strips 
Here are the 4 strips once I peeled them off the mat

One strip glued on top of the other

rolled flower before peeling the petals back

Slowly peeling the petals back, one by one

I added a third strip using my EKSuccess Punch (the green outside strip).

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