February 26, 2012

Smooch Spritz Shaving Cream Creates...

I love being able to test and play with so many craft products.  As a Michaels Instructor I was able to demo the SMOOCH line of spritzes and inks.
One of the techniques was dropping the inks into a shallow container of water and letting them swirl, resulting in a beautiful marble effect after you quickly lay a piece of cardstock on the surface and then remove it.
So that got me thinking:  What else can I try to put the sprays and inks in that would not dissolve them to the degree that the water does...... and then I thought, SHAVING CREAM!

I grabbed a little can from my 'stash' and practically flew down 2 flights of stairs to my studio.

Here's what happened:
The glitter isn't showing up on this pic, but I love the effect and I think I see a tree!

The bath of cream -- the aftermath.  It kind of looks angry, don't you think?

I have other pieces drying with some cream still on them.

The way I made this sample:
I shmeared a thick layer of cream in the bin and then randomly shpritzed with the various inks and sprays.  I then placed my paper on top and pushed it down a little bit into the colour.
I then pulled the paper up and wiped off all the cream -- and the colours didn't run!

Now if only I had 'smellovision' :)

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