June 27, 2012

Craft Wars Premiere

Crafting at its most fierce! Craft Wars will be must-see TV for anyone who has glitter running through their veins. 

Hosted by Tori Spelling this new, 1 hour show is sponsored by Michaels on TLC.  I am a fan of Tori Spelling, who I think is a genius marketing/branding wizard with an inspirational work ethic. The three judges represent a spectrum of the crafting world; Jo Pearson of Michaels, Stephen Brown, and Erica Domesek 

Concept - 3 Crafters, 2 challenges, and 1 grand prize of $10,000! 

Hypothetical Question Time
If you won $10,000 and HAD to spend it at Michaels, what would you buy?

1st Challenge is called the Pop Craft Challenge where the Crafters are given 1 hour to create a project "one of the craft world's most popular items"based on specific supplies given. 
The Challenge - Create a duffel bag to hold kid's sports equipment using a selection of equipment and sports clothes.
Each Crafter is allowed to choose an assistant to help them for the day and they have use of everything in the Michaels Craft Closet , including the workshop(saw, drills), fabrics, sewing machines, etc.

Quotes heard during the show:
"Hot glue is the duct tape of the crafting world" -- Traci
 "...get those balls straight on" -- Christy
"Pack up your glue gun, you're done in this craft war" - Tori
The judges can be brutal but they are fair.
After the 1st Challenge the Crafter with the least-liked craft is eliminated, leaving the remaining 2 Crafters to meet on the Master Craft Challenge battlefield.
Christy Tomlinson working her magic!

Master Craft Challenge - Build a Playhouse in 5 hours using the school supplies provided.( eg. binders, rulers, paper, clipboard, backpack, pencil cases)

and each Crafter is given 4 additional craft helpers to complete the project.

Crafter Christy built a school bus-style playhouse and her concept was "...to decoupage everything"
Crafter Cheryl, a School Art Teacher, chose to create a school house playhouse.

The ideas were awesome and it's fascinating watching people through their thought processes and the organic nature of the show.

I won't tell you who won, and I was pulling for one of the Crafters, but in the end I believe the judges chose wisely.

I know where I will be on Tuesday nights.
Did you watch the show and what did you think?
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  1. I watched when I got home and loved it. And my favorite won - I was nervous though. Yep - Tuesday nights - Craft Wars!

    1. I loved it and it has nothing to do with the fact that I teach for Michaels. After they showed the 'info package' of each crafter, and I SAW what kind of work Cheryl has done, I picked her as the frontrunner. Where was she when I had to take art in school?

    2. Awe. Stop. Your making me blush!
      -Cheryl Burchett

    3. Cheryl, you really set a high bar with your attention to detail and level of expertise.

  2. ahhh...I wanna watch it but I work and do not have cable television... gonna search tomorrow and see if I can find anywhere online that it might be broadcast the next day. If you know of a spot, please share!

    1. Hi Wanda = I checked on TLC site and it doesn't appear to be available but I would keep an eye out on youtube tomorrow and someone may have put it up.

  3. Its on my DVR. I will have to watch it later today.


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