September 19, 2012

Care Package with a Twist

Kids away at university? Even though they are all into texting, most still appreciate letters or packages sent from home.

All of my daughter's mail still comes to our home address and she manages to get mail rather frequently. I know she wanted me to 'send her something' but I wasn't really sure what to send and with her birthday coming up on Sunday, I was already going to be doing something.


I gathered her mail/items of interest and a few photos, and decided to make a modified Paper Bag Album for her.

I stuck little surprises inside the various pockets, including a few personalized bookmarks and inserted her mail items into the pockets.

...and I had a lot of fun making it!



  1. What a great idea! It is so great! It will be so much fun for her to receive and go through and she will have a special keepsake. Fun to put her mail inside!


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