October 02, 2013

5 months!?Time for an Update!

Wow. I didn't realize it's been so long since I wrote a post here.

May was a very stressful month because we put our house up for sale. There was SO much to do and I admit I am responsible for doing very little. I found it to be a terribly overwhelming experience and my husband did 99.6% of all the necessary preparation for the sale, and then moving us to our new house.  My crafts! OY! So much crafty stuff. I was paralyzed by the shear volume of supplies and dozens of bins were filled for the move.  
Luckily we sold in 4 days, but then we had to find something.   Our plans to move to Niagara Falls were put on hold when we realized HOW much stuff we/I still had ( after selling and giving away thousands of dollars worth of furniture and items) and when we found a fantastic deal on a house just 10 minutes away. 

I was also on a Leave of Absence from teaching at Michaels. I will officially be BACK at Michaels as of today's date, but I am not certain at which store I will be instructing. I will not be returning to North York because it is too far to travel to now.
This is my new studio.  I love being upstairs with all the light, but I still have a desk and work area in the basement in case I want to do messier things.

Here's some news! 

I took my certification in jewellery and beading so I am now going to be leading jewellery classes at Michaels. I am very excited about this change for me and I'm really looking forward to starting classes. I am still crafting, creating cards and mixed media from home, but I don't think I will be instructing Paper-Ed. 

Craft Update: I have been very busy this week and have many projects to share with you this month.  Also, I will be doing a review of the newest issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today. I originally thought I would write a quick chart of important information and projects, but because almost every page has worthwhile information and beautiful inspiration, a quick write up just won't cut it.

Stay tuned,

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