February 04, 2015

Encaustic Canvas- Valentine's Day Clay Hearts

I prepared an encaustic canvas over one year ago and finally decided how to finish it using
encaustic canvas- love clay hearts

Ann Butler's Earth Safe Finishes and Makin's Clay! Phew!

The canvas was prepared using wax, wire and image transfers and I will have blog posts in the future featuring this technique. I enjoy designing and decorating for Valentine's Day even though we don't 'really' celebrate it in our house. As my husband often says, "Every day should be Valentine's Day".
encaustic canvas- love clay hearts

To create the 'love theme' on this canvas I used:
  • Ann Butler Earth Safe Finishes iridescent powders: Pearl,Onyx,Bronze,Leaf,Sunshine,Rose,Sky
  • Makin's Clay®, white
  • Makin's® shape cutters, hearts
  • Makin's® clay roller
  • DecoArt® Paper Effects, gold, black
  • Ranger craft mat
  • Paint brush
  • disposable gloves   
encaustic canvas- love clay hearts
LOOK at how gorgeous and vibrant the Earth Safe Finishes powders are! They really wowed me!

  1. Prepare clay as per manufacturer's instructions
  2. Roll out to 1/8 inch and press heart shapes into clay
  3. Let hearts sit about 20 minutes so they begin to cure but are still receptive to the powder
  4. Using the dry paint brush, pick up some powder on the bristles and tap over the clay hearts. *If you want a more opaque and/or vibrant colour add more powder and rub the powder into the clay.*
  5. Pay special attention to the sides of your shape as you will want to colour these too. 
  6. Optional: Press found objects into the hearts before or after you add color for added interest.
  7. Add writing using the Paper Effects liquid writers.
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