June 01, 2015

Easy Birthday Card Tutorial

Who doesn't love an easy birthday card? Go ahead, call me lazy, but I prefer to describe myself as a practical card maker.
easy birthday card tutorial

I don't make as many cards as I once did; having gone to the 'dark side' and focusing more on mixed media and Powertex™ sculpting.
But once in a while, usually for a special occasion, I create a card, and I happen to really love this one.

What did I use?
easy birthday card tutorial

  • White cardstock for 5" x 7" card
  • UsArtquest PPA™ - Gloss
  • UsArtquest Mini Prills™, Heart of Gold and Seas the Day
  • Unity Ann Butler faux-quilting stamps, 1" Strips.Dots.Hearts
  • ColorBox Crafter's™ Ann Butler inks, Limelight
  • Spritz™ paper straws
  • Maya Road trim
  • Flower die cuts
  • MAMBI journal cards
  • brushes
How did I do it?
  1. Stamp the front of the card with the dots stamp, in limelight ink, and randomly brush on some limelight with your paintbrush.
    easy birthday card tutorial
  2. Adhere the sentiment card with PPA™
  3. Glue the floral die cuts with PPA™
  4. Attach the white trim with PPA™.
  5. Cut the straw to fit and run a line of PPA™ where it will touch the trim.  As you place it, gently flatten the straw. FULL DISCLOSURE - I wanted to attach green ribbon to the white trim, but it wouldn't stick, so instead of getting off my butt and getting another glue, I grabbed my straws and decided to use them.
  6. With leftover straw, unroll the straw and cut triangular confetti and glue it to the card
    easy birthday card tutorial
  7. Enhance the front with the mini Prills™
  8. Because PPA also leaves a lovely gloss, I coated the straw and lightly dropped prills™ onto it while it was wet.
    easy birthday card tutorial
  9. Glue inside sentiment.
    easy birthday card tutorial

easy birthday card tutorial


It's nice to get feedback.

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