April 19, 2012

Scrapfest Kitchener - What a Blast! Part I

Scrapfest Kitchener was, once again, a wonderful experience. I love the Marketplace where you can find just about anything your heart desires in the crafting world! The retailers come very well-stocked and  many offer great 'Make and Takes', however I noticed many charging this time (this is the first time).  It was definitely a deterrent for me and my 'partner in crime' Cynthia.  I really feel it is short-sighted on the store-owners part because I almost always buy products after using them in Make & Takes.  I understand if the costs have become prohibitive, but it was disappointing. As if turns out, with Cynthia and I enrolled in three workshops there really wasn't a lot of time to shop, let alone sit down and make things.

I was really impressed with Karen Ellis and her Art House Studio where she pre-packaged an order of 3-in-1 glue for me.
My Gold Star award has to go to Sandra, who works for Scrapfest, because I think she went above and beyond the call for me.  She saw that I was looking for a few items that were difficult to get in Canada; Glubers and Maya Road paper clips.  She sourced out who had them  (Younique) and asked them to set some aside for me.  The ladies of Younique were far too busy, but Sandra tracked me down and told me where the items were for me to purchase.  If she hadn't told me, I never would have found them.  THANK YOU SANDRA!

Picture Time:

A Card That Impersonates a Mini Album Workshop

Cathie Allen's 'Card that's really an album' Workshop.

We didn't get into any trouble
 Bees Wax Beauties Canvas Workshop

Getting Misty Maya Road Canvas Binder Album Workshop

Tutorials will follow.  I love everything I made and I learned SO much!

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