November 19, 2009

Tricks of the Trade (and some really cool things I've discovered)

I'm going to break this on-going post down into several categories; organizing, refashioning objects, cool discoveries, money-saving tips.

1. Watercolour paper -  I love to watercolour and I have a LOT of paintings, studies, big mistakes, that will never see the inside of a frame. I use this already brilliantly coloured paper as piecings or to cut out with my cricut or cuttlebug.

2. 12X6 scrapbooking pages --- I do not buy them if i can help it. I have no problem using larger sheets, i.e. 12X12 and cutting them to size; no need to purchase specialty-sized papers.

3. High quality, high gloss magazines.  I will use the pages from these publications for piecings, backgrounds, and to add when I make my own paper.  I LOVE these thicker papers and I have made some lovely 3 dimensional flowers cutting out flower pictures from the magazines.

That's it for today.  Tomorrow will feature one of my greatest discoveries!

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