October 25, 2010

An Art Effect Study - Kira and ACDSee Pro 3

The original
 I've been toying with the idea of drawing a new image/logo and I  love to play around with different programs like Photoshop, ACDSee, PaintShop, etc.
I drew a picture and then manipulated it to see if I could create a new 'image' for myself.

The program du jour is ACDSee Pro 3, where I am manipulating a picture drawn with Copics and sparkle markers and Martha Stewart Halloween colors inks. (I love that I can pick up a 6 pack of her inks for $8. because it was labelled as Halloween colors) - purple, gold... I can use those ALL year long:)

But I digress.  

Close-up and Personal -- she's watching you!

I shot this from the top down.

Effect: Glowing Edges

Effect: pink glowing edge

Effect: Coral Glowing Edge. You can notice the effect in the eyelashes
Effect: Mosaic

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