January 15, 2011

Behind the Scenes - How to prepare for a show (A Beginner's Guide)

Planning for a broadcast is a new activity for me and I thought it would be interesting to show how I went about preparing for my most recent show, so here is a Beginner's Guide to Prep for a Show.
I use a journal (an old accounting ledger, recycled) to put my thoughts on paper.  I find that typing it out and writing it out are not the same for me and I seem to process the information better, because it's being reinforced, using a pen.  I may not necessarily demo in the order as it is written in my journal.  I like to stay flexible and depending on my mood or mood of my audience I may move things around. 
TIP #1: ALWAYS BE FLEXIBLE!    *i.e. I  did not do the wire demo

I start to plan out what I want to accomplish, make rough notes, and then come back and add notes and important information with each demo/step.  i.e. If there is a corresponding slide to show as I am demonstrating, I have the file name listed in the margin, so I don't have to hunt for the correct file while broadcasting. Or if I am going to provide a free template - a reminder to do so.  I will also make notes about the show as it is in progress;what's working/what isn't and also what the prize for the night is and the name of the winners.  The journal becomes my bible and an excellent reference document.

I decided which craft I wanted to show first (plaster molds) and after covering my workspace and marking the camera coverage area with tape, I got the supplies ready.

I spent over one hour setting up the audio-visual component of the show. Well, my poorly paid, live-in Tech Support person, spent even longer getting me set up.  When we discovered the sound was unsatisfactory coming from my craft cam, he muted the speakers and attached a hand-held microphone to the tripod which really picked up the sound.  After a sound-check we discovered that neither speaker could be on because they would squeal. The solution: headphones for me. The problem? Well, the ear buds worked, HOWEVER when I was on my craft cam I experienced a 2 second delayed echo in my ear: now THAT was a challenge. I then had to 'go into the room' and make sure everything worked in there.

Gallery Glass Demo Holding Area

The paper is strong enough that I can pick up the entire sheet and carry it to my craft table.
And that was the short version! I hope you found it interesting and/or helpful, and I would love your comments.



    I love the journal - I don't think I could use something like that because I get distracted by lines. I would trace them all - lol! You have definitely inspired a new blog post :D


  2. Je viens de découvrir votre blog Robi!!!
    c'est un plaisir!!
    bonne continuation à vous et à bientôt
    bises de la France

  3. Merci Karine. Je suis tres heureuse que vous me trouver:)

  4. Amanda -- sorry I just found your comment now. Thank you!


It's nice to get feedback.

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