January 23, 2011

My Great Discovery! The Evolution of: Faux Mosaic Tile

As I discussed during my show Thursday night, I discovered how to use ALL the plaster I make and not throw anything out!  What a discovery! Zero garbage. 100% useage of raw materials!
I allowed the plaster to dry in the container in which I mixed it.  Once dry I was able to pull off small 'sheets' of plaster. It totally looked and felt like eggshells. 

So, imagine that; normally you would have to dump the plaster in the garbage.  What a cool way to recycle, up-cycle and make pretty things:)

Dried Plaster

Chunks and Sheets of plaster
I covered half the piece of cardboard with Scotch Quick-Dry Glue and placed, and slightly smooshed, the pieces into the glue.  The glue will dry clear.

I painted the left side of the cardboard in preparation for another project.  My piece is painted and waiting for it's comforting coat of Crystal Lacquer.
Glazed and sealed and waiting for a home.

This would make a lovely cover to a mini book, or matted and used to embellish a card.
I love the colours and I am very happy with my Bienfang, Marvy and Martha Stewart Markers

Mosaic Discovery #2 
Experiment with Clear Gloss If you can't figure out what the design is, that's okay, because there isn't one!
Quite exciting! The few spots I dropped gloss on, make the plaster look like GLASS!

What I have learned:  To make the plaster look like glass, only cover the painted plaster pieces with Gloss. A matte background, or 'grout' will enhance the effect.

Please see my previous blog for a list of all the ingredients I used in these projects.  

So try it out! 

Questions?  Comments?? Please drop me a line :)
Until we meet again,

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