January 19, 2011

You May Embed Me - but first you have to take me out for dinner

To continue my love affair with various molds for embellishments and jewelery, I adjusted my plaster mix today and I am thrilled with the results.  I'm even more excited with the gems I embedded in the molds. One of my creations is a mini photo frame!
I have been holding onto pieces of glass, china,shells, etc., for a while and this is a nice way to use them.
I am also experimenting with scented salts!  More to be revealed at a later date:)

What have a learned so far today?
Silicone molds rock!
A computer mouse won't work if it's not plugged in

Now back to the laboratory and preparing for "robi@nite" (Thursday at Midnite
on the Creative EdVentures Network)
Click the 'robi@nite' ICON on the left hand side of the blog to take you directly to the show tomorrow)

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