February 23, 2011

How To Make: An Exploding Box!

This is the fabulous project I demonstrated on In The Zone with Cyn Gagen and Robi Cohen on Monday, February 21st.  Here is the link to watch that episode

The Box
You will need 3 12x12 sheets of cardstock to form the 'box' portion, and you will need a fourth piece of cardstock to form the lid.(6 1/4" square)

Helpful Tools
paper trimmer
Use Paper-trimmer to cut your cardstock
scoring tool - like ScorPal or Martha Stewart
Paper clips - they help hold the corners of the lid together while they are drying, so YOU don't have to:)
Inkpad for edges of the card and papers

Step 1. You are going to take the 3 sheets for the box and using your trimmer, cut:
one sheet to 9 x 9 inches   - SHEET A
one sheet to 8 5/8 x 8 5/8 inches - SHEET B
Scoring your paper
one sheet to 8 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches - SHEET C

Step 2. Now take your cut sheets and you are going to SCORE them as follows:
Sheet A - 3 inches in from each side
Sheet B - 2 7/8 inches in from each side
Sheet C - 2 3/4 inches in from each side

For each sheet you will cut out all the corner squares so you are left with a cross, or small letter 't'.
(This is a good time to round your edges and/or ink your edges.)
Your sheet of cardstock after you have cut out all corner squares
You will now attach the 3 cut sheets to form your box.  Take Sheet B and place double-sided tape just in the middle square.  You will then take Sheet C and place it on top of Sheet B, attaching the back of the middle square of Sheet C to the front middle square of Sheet B. Now put adhesive on the middle square of Sheet A and attach (Sheet B+Sheet C). The only square that will ever have glue is that middle square.

It is now time to make The Lid
The lid needs to be slightly larger than the box, so following the above dimensions, the lid needs to be a piece of cardstock cut to 6 1/4 inches square.

Take your 6 1/4 x 6 1/4 piece and SCORE it 1 1/2 inches in from each side. Gently fold the creases.
Now turn the paper over because we will now make a contrasting crease which will allow us to fold in the edges and form our lid.
Pinch the corners inwards and then glue
You are going to make 4 creases, one from each corner JUST to where you meet the first intersecting lines (it will be a 45 degree angle).
Pinch the corners, fold them inwards and glue them to the inside. I like to use a paperclip to hold the paper in place while it dries.
I like using Scotch Quicky-Dry Adhesive.
Once it's dry your box is done; and all that's left is the decorating!! --- which really is the FUN part, isn't it?
Secure the freshly glued corners with paperclips until dry
Remember to cut all your decorative pieces slightly smaller than the page it's going on so you will have a nice border.
There is room for up to 20 photos.

Have fun with the theme! Here's a few suggestions:
Engagement box with photos of the couple and anecdotes
Mini-scrapbook box
Happy Birthday -- and don't forget it IS a box and can hold a small present, too!
Use ribbons and pretty embellishments!

Have fun!

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