February 01, 2011

In The Zone - January 31st - What did you MIss?

If you would like to watch the playback for the January 31st, 2011 episode of In The Zone, here is the link for the playback:      Click here for Playback

It was so much fun sharing great ideas and crafts tonight. My technical issues prevented me from showing all of my demos, so I have 2 separate posts with full tutorials.
Cyn Gagen had NO problems with her technology and gave a lovely demonstration and talk about Chinese Brush Painting.  Many in the audience had never seen some of the objects Cyn showed and it was a wonderful learning experience.
Chinese Brush Painting Demo - Cynthia Gagen 2011
Cyn proceeded to demonstrate Chinese Brush Painting and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. She showed the delicate intricacies involved and nuances in shading.

We also are fans of a wonderful Oriental Card Making blog created by Fabrizio Martellucci. Fab has several wonderful blogs and I encourage everyone to check them out (you will be able to find them by clicking on the link I just provided).
Here is one of Fab's cards
Fabrizio Martellucci 2011

:I am filled with a sense of 'TOTALLY LOVE IT" when I look at this card!!! Isn't it wonderful?

For a full tutorial on HOW TO MAKE A PLUM BLOSSOM CENTREPIECE - Please click here

For a full tutorial on HOW TO MAKE CHINESE PAPER LANTERNS - Please click here


  1. Thanks Roberta ! I'm thrilled to bits you've picked a card of mine and feature it on your lovely blog ! Thank you ! xoxoxoxo Fab

  2. My pleasure Fab! It is wonderful:)


It's nice to get feedback.

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