April 16, 2011

Robi's Tip for the Day??? (aka Don't try this at home)

What did I learn last night? 
By Robi Cohen

Last night I discovered that if you use a heat gun and then grab the hot end with your palm, your palm will be heated as well.
What has this taught me?
If you are going to be careless with a heat gun, at least pour embossing powder on your skin before you heat up your hand. If you are lucky, your life line will be embossed a brilliant burnt umber!
The End


  1. silly rabbit...reminds me of getting ready for my senior prom, sitting in my undies in front of the mirror doing my hair, when I dropped my curling iron in my lap... but rather than allow it to fall between my legs to the floor, I instinctively snapped my legs shut to catch it and ended up with lovely 5" long burn blisters on the inside of each thigh. Oh yes, the dance was divine...


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