May 03, 2011

Election Day in Canada - I am Proud

I was very proud to participate in our democratic process today.  Both my daughter and I worked in the Polls (unfortunately not together)to help ensure our beloved country had a fair and inclusive election.  To see the look on the young women and men's faces, many of whom were voting in their very first election, when they actually put THEIR vote into the ballot box -- well, it was a joyous event celebrated over and over.  A lot of these' children', children of immigrants who are now citizens, KNOW what it means to have the right to vote.  Their parents are only too willing to share stories from 'back home' about abuses and injustices concerning 'fair elections'.
Often entire families entered the polling station ensemble;together; united; and very, very proud.  
 It wasn't something taken for granted, it was a precious right to be cherished and exercised.

It was a very long day.  I didn't sleep the night before and had to be at my polling station for 8:30 am.  We were not allowed breaks, because unless 2 officials were at a polling station, NO one could vote there.  So, my poll partner and I  slipped out quickly, individually, when we 'had' to, and immediately returned to our seats. At no time is the polling station allowed to be unattended.
Anyway -- I finally rolled out of there at 11 pm.  
It was a long day, for sure, but I loved every minute:)

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