May 04, 2011

I am an International TV Star (sort of)

I bet you didn't know that! Well, neither did I, but after being one of the very lucky 'chosen few' and appearing on Colin and Justin's Home Heist 2 years ago, people from all of the world have seen our episode.  This week it is showing on Friday in Australia, see  Our episode was affectionately named 'Lost in Space'.
Colin, Justin and Roberta performing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' -- what a hoot!

Deb and Justin enjoying a yuk!
Deb, Phil and The Boys - After the Reveal!

So, for those of you who didn't know me 'back then', I am giving you the opportunity to see what happened to us, laugh at my expense,  and just know that I love everything they did.  We haven't changed a thing.  I know to many of you our main hallway looks like flora on steroids, but trust me, in person it is fantastic (at least I think so).

Over the years there have been very interesting comments left for us.  We haven't deleted any of them -- even the 'less than kind' ones, because 'that's what makes horse racing'! 
We had to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks while the show was in production. (even though they SAY it only takes a week from start to finish! shhhhhhhhhhhh!)

After - view from door in front foyer

After - View from middle of hallway

Ripping out the old tile to make way for the hardwood.
Priming the new foot stools
Modelling my new bedroom, and for the uneducated, how to use a bed :)

So, in order of appearance, here are the 7 parts to our wonderful adventure on TV!

Lost in Space Part 1
Lost in Space Part 2
Lost in Space Part 3
Lost in Space Part 4
Lost in Space Part 5
Lost in Space Part 6
Lost in Space Part 7


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