May 05, 2011

ON the Web Tonight - May 5th --- Robi@Nite!

Hi everyone! It's been a VERY hectic week and I am ready to rock n roll tonight with a great episode of ROBI@NITE!

Starting at 11:30 pm EST (click the above link to take you there), We will spend an hour (well, a 'robi hour' can be one and one half hours some times, but tonight we should be able to come in on time) together.

As some of you already know, Saturday May 7th is National Scrapbooking Day and there are many wonderful activities taking place all over -- in community halls, home and ON LINE, of course.
Creative EdVentures is having our very own 1st Annual Come2Crop from 7 pm EST until 1 a.m in the Creative EdVentures room.

Come to my show tonight and I can fill you in on the details and answer more questions.  I also know what some of the giveaways are!

I will be demoing a wonderful 'last minute' Mother's Day gift, which can be made for under $10 and look like $50!

I also want to share what I have been learning recently about old and rare books, and how to use them in your crafting -- with and without destroying the heck out of them!

Please come and join me!
Here's the link again

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