June 07, 2011

Photography Is Art - In the Zone June 6,2011

As Cyn Gagen and Robi Cohen continue their adventure through Art History, tonight's stop was a wonderful visit with 'Photography'.
Lisa Snow Photography
The actual 'era' was known as Photorealism and it was very popular in the latter part of the 20th century.  Why paint a picture that looks exactly like a painting?  I don't know, but I know it's not easy to do.
Lisa Snow Photography

Lisa Snow Photography
We wanted to look at Photography as a bone fide art form.  Our guest tonight was Lisa Snow a photographer and artist from British Columbia, Canada.

Lisa has enjoyed her art as a hobby for most of her life but her professional quality creations have definitely moved beyond the 'hobby phase'.

I encourage you to visit her blog http://itssnowwonder.blogspot.com    and also her photo slide show .  In order to access the flickr photos, you will need to enter 'creativeedventures' as the password.

Lisa explained how she likes to use her photography.  Her planning starts well before she takes that first snapshot. She has to decide what 'feel' her finished product will have.  She examines lighting, surroundings and all elements that may add or detract from her shots.

With the introduction of digital photography there are so many wonderful things one can do with a photograph. Lisa however, does not approach a picture with an attitude of 'I'l take my shots and deal with the dropping and editing later'. She carefully plans each and every shot. It is worth it to take a little extra time to wait, or plan your project which will probably save you a lot of time later during the editing process.  Lisa uses Flickr and enjoys its versatililty and accessibility. 

Once Lisa has completed a photograph, chances are it will become part of a beautiful piece of jewelry or collage.

Thank you again, Lisa, for donating a beautiful piece of custom jewelry to one of our followers.

Tonight's winner was Amelia! Thank you for coming to the show Amelia,  and Congratulations!


Thank you to everyone who came out to the show, and if you are planning on watching the playback, I hope you enjoy it!

Next Monday, June 13th, I will have another very special guest on the show (Lisa Fulmer from C&T Publishing) as we celebrate Art History by visiting Picasso and Cubism.   
In the Zone Mondays at 9 PM Eastern Standard Time at http://linqto.com/rooms/creativeedventures

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