November 21, 2011

Decorables is now on ColourLovers!

Designs, Colours, Oh My!
Thanks to Twitter, I have discovered a wonderful site called COLOURLovers. I am able to design my own templates, colours, and colour palettes.  Here are a few of my new, original designs.  
Ball and Chain
Raspberry Gears
Moguls Christmas
Hitchcock in Time

Lady Cynthia Eggplant

One of the greatest features is that I can take a photo and create a colour palette from that photo.  I took a photo of one of my recent card creations, and because I love the colours I used, I 'pulled a palette' from the picture.
Color by COLOURlovers


You can browse the works of other COLOURLovers members: if you choose to use one of their designs they automatically get credit.  You can then colour it any way you wish and save it for yourself. 

SOMETHING EXTRA FUN: If you happen to create a new colour you are given the chance to NAME it! This is a lot of fun.

You can then take your creations one step further, because not all can you print out your images or use them, for example, as a custom blog background, you can actually have your pattern made into fabric, amongst other things!

To visit me on COLOURLovers, here is the link CLICK HERE

Thank you for stopping by!


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