November 28, 2011

Free Trial - Daily Pattern Creation with Seamless Studio

I am enjoying my free 14 day trial of Seamless Studio, and I love it. I enjoy drawing everyday, and now with this software I can create patterns, templates and colour palettes daily as well. You can save your creations as SVG, PNG, or JPEG files. They can be exported (eg. to COLOURLovers) as a jpeg, or if you are a CRICUT fan, as an SVG! Create a shape and using Sure Cuts a Lot, cut out your shape/pattern!

Today's creation was 'Hawaiian Vacation'.  What is SO GREAT about COLOURLovers is that you can use your own pattern, or anyone else's on the site, and then colour it to YOUR liking and specifications! I have had many templates re-coloured by others and it's really exciting to share the creativity!

Thank you for stopping by!

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