January 31, 2014

Toronto Interior Design Show 2014- Light!

Toronto Interior Design Show 2014- Light!

On Sunday I spent 5 hours at the Interior Design Show held at the Metro Convention Centre. Thanks to my son, Phil, I was treated to a lovely afternoon including use of the VIP/Media lounge.

Lladro boy
My main reason for attending these shows is not to get the latest faucet designs or looking for a self-cleaning sink.
I go for CREATIVE inspiration. Yes, I look at the gorgeous quartz counters and the beautiful and curvaceous faucets, but what I am soaking in is colour, lines, space and creative spark. 

 The Inspiration of LIGHT
 I also marvel at the booth displays. Look at the booth on the right: each fixture is placed in its own cut-out and protrudes from the wall. Creating these displays is a work of art in itself.

wood fixtures
Speaking of wood, I just want to sneak in this item on today's post:

One of my favourite 'finds': This wood coat rack is actually quite beautiful without anything hanging from it. It's versatile and comes in neutral, white, or black.

Wash basins

What a gorgeous pedestal sink
I snapped the photo of this marble pedestal sink to show my hubby what I would never want for our powder room. I can appreciate the work that went into this sculpted piece, but it's not my taste.

DO YOU SEE THE GOLDFISH?One of the featured exhibits -Raw-Edges Design Studio  teamed up with Caesarstone to create “Islands”, a conceptual installation at IDS14. The installation will explore the use of surface throughout the home, and offer a new take on a variety of domestic spaces. Inspired by Caesarstone’s Classico collection, “Islands” will feature the company’s 2014 Supernatural designs.  

From the Beauti-tone booth.  Gorgeous 'chandelier' made from colour-dipped paint sticks. Designer: Amy Shakleton
And again, using paint sticks, designer Amy Shackleton created this floor. 
Amy Shakleton created this beautiful installation by squirting paint from bottles. She was able to rotate the canvases to control the flow of paint


I have always loved Lladro. My mother had a collection, which I inherited, and I have added several beautiful pieces including a 3-foot-tall statue of The Kiss. 

Visiting the Lladro booth was the highlight of my afternoon.

Lladro lamp
From the Belle de Nuit Collection and made entirely from porcelain, including the shades. The colours of the porcelain can be personalized creating unique, illuminated masterpieces.  They cost approximately CDN $18,000.   Do yourself a favour and visit Lladro's Lighting Collection

Lladro vase

I sense a 'heart theme' running through this year's show.
This is a pretty special cookie jar!

Lladro boys
I ADORE this collection. It is called 'The Guest' and again, please check out that link. The character was created by Jaime Hayon for Lladro Atelier. Quirky and beautiful.

Lladro boy

Lladro boy

Lladro boys


Lladro boy
 Tomorrow's post will cover jewelry, textiles, and more!


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