February 01, 2014

Toronto Interior Design Show Day 2 -- Jewelry and Textiles

Interior Design Show lounge

My visit to the Toronto Interior Design Show continues...

The show is divided into sections. The one area I most wanted to visit based on my pre-show research was:

Interior Design Show furnituredesignboom mart Toronto 2014   

The designboom mart is widely recognized as the first-ever design bazaar. The Toronto designboom mart was an unprecedented opportunity to meet young avant-garde, emerging designers from around the world. Thirty local and international design talents displayed over 200 objects, from household items, jewellery and accessories to small furniture items and lighting objects. Visitors had the chance to purchase unique items for an affordable price, directly from the designers themselves. designboom mart Toronto took place on the IDS show floor.
Interior Design Show
Let's RECYCLE/UPCYCLE! This designer created beautiful bow tie combination necklace/pins from old ties.
Interior Design Show jewelry


Interior Design Show
Leather ring
Interior Design Show jewelry
Gorgeous fusion of fabric and metal
Interior Design Show coasters

Interior Design Show mosaics

This mosaic is made of glass, stone and beads. It is about 5 feet high.

Interior Design Show mosaic
close up - you can see the detail of her collar
Interior Design Show coaster
gluk ( I.D. coaster) in action!
gluk coasters Interior Design Show
A package of 12 foam coasters that attach to your wine glasses
Interior Design Show ads
First time I saw advertising on the handrails on the escalator

Interior Design Show paper dress
Paper Dress for auction

Interior Design Show lit closet
Love this lit bar as the light source in your closet
Lots of brilliant ideas and very inspiring. I highly recommend attending the next Interior Design Show.

Here's a TIP:

If you are attending a show on the last day there is a good chance they have run out of bags. You will most likely gather info, business cards, and/or make purchases. Trust me: stick a cloth bag in your purse or pocket because you will need it. You will thank me later.


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