February 07, 2014

Quick Upcycled Gift Wrap with a Doily

I needed to wrap something that is extra special; something quick and pretty.

upcycled doily gift wrap
It is in a box.
Originally I thought about decoupaging the box to make it a permanent keepsake, however, on the slightest chance this gift needs to be returned, I opted for a temporary covering.

And VOILA! Ye olde fashione doily place mat for all those frou frou  luncheons!

I discovered a package of them amongst my mom's dining room things. I don't know if they even make these anymore.

This would also be stunning if you distressed it or dressed it up with some colour. Because it is wedding-themed, I stuck with white.

upcycled doily gift wrap
The Gift  and Box. It measures approximately 5 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches

upcycled doily gift wrap
I flipped the box over and centred the box on the doily

upcycled doily gift wrap
The place mat was just about the right size and I love how the pattern centred on the top!

upcycled doily gift wrap
View from the side

And now I am off to make the card!


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