June 27, 2014

CHA Designer Retreat Workshops I

2 solid days of CHA creative workshops really put the go-go in my mojo!

CHA Designers Retreat 2014 swag

First of all, please check out all the product and items I came home with!

The product value alone is about $500. When you consider that these workshops were lead by  experts who would normally charge for their services, the value of this weekend easily tops $1000.

And while I am on this topic, you cannot ignore the intrinsic value of an event like this.  
The knowledge I gained, new skills learned, networking, new friends made, and creative spark ignited --- PRICELESS!

CHA Designers Retreat 2014 swag
CHA Designers Retreat 2014 swag

Crafting with Carmi Cimicata

Westcott scissors
We received this gorgeous duo of Westcott scissors and personalised them with ETI jewelry clay and crystals. So much fun! 
That white 'pencil' was invaluable when applying the crystals exactly where I wanted them.
You can always count on Carmi for a great crafting session!

Encaustics with Nancy Donaldson

Roberta Birnbaum Nancy Donaldson encaustic
It was really fascinating learning about encaustics with Nancy. I had previously worked with beeswax in mixed media but not this technique. It is incredibly fun. Purple Cows generously donated everything we needed plus lots of product to take home.
Because encaustics involve embedding, I decided to try to add wire to my canvas. It was a little challenging but I was able to coil the wire and layer it nicely.

Roberta Birnbaum Nancy Donaldson encaustic
My canvas

Sewing with Linda Pidzamecky and her 10 awesome Janome machines!

Roberta Birnbaum Janome sewing
Roberta Birnbaum Janome sewing
Do you know how I feel about using a sewing machine? For some reason sewing machines and I do not usually get along. I can get through the threading the needle part and it grabbing the thread from the bobbin, but once that machine takes off it seems like it doesn't take long for something to go wrong.  My threads inevitably wind up in a ball of chaos (or as I like to describe it, " ...a colourful thread orgy'. ) I remember making an awful skirt and jacket from jersey in Grade 8 Home Ec with Mrs. Awolija. (sp)? It was this nasty green print and I can't remember who helped me finish it, because there is no way I did it by myself. But I digress...

I loved the Janome machine I used and I believe I have been converted! I'm so happy we had this opportunity through CHA.

Roberta Birnbaum Janome sewn bag
And this is what I made!

More posts to come (because we created ALL weekend)...
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