June 01, 2014

Wire Wrapped Multi-Strand Necklace Class

I really enjoy teaching the Wire Wrapped Multi-Strand Necklace Class and I'm thrilled with how well my students did today. 

This WAS supposed to be my last scheduled class at Michaels North York, but I must admit it is very difficult to stop. It is extremely gratifying to be surrounded by happy people and when my students practically beg me to continue teaching them, it makes leaving so much harder and makes me second-guess myself.

Here are some photos of some of my students from today's class:
Cynthia wire wrapped necklace a

Cynthia wire wrapped necklace 1 b
Cynthia was so proud of herself; and I was, too!

Jocelyn's  wire wrapped necklace

Jocelyn's  wire wrapped necklace  1
Jocelyn couldn't WAIT to put her necklace on. 

Shelly's  wire wrapped necklace
Shelly -- my youngest student and incredibly talented.

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