February 28, 2015

Sketchy Saturday

Today I present a little 'behind the scenes' look at my work process. I like to sketch and most of my sketches start as doodles and zentangles, but most are sketches of future projects.
It is in my DNA to write things down, or put pen/pencil to paper.  It is the way I have always tried to make sense of things in my life. My giant sketch book is for all my thinking, calculating, and dreaming.

Here is an example of different ideas I currently have in my mind for projects:
Roberta Birnbaum sketchy Saturday
playing with various patterns

Roberta Birnbaum sketchy Saturday
I am planning to create a large 3D canvas using various Powertex media including; paint, 3D Flex and Stoneart.  I will need various pieces of Styrofoam in specific shapes. I am playing around with scale at the moment.
Roberta Birnbaum sketchy Saturday
A sketch I made from a Gustav Klimt painting. I like the composition and want to use it to showcase colour theory and versatility with DecoArt products.

Roberta Birnbaum sketchy Saturday
This is going to be a project for ETI. It will be mixed media enhanced with resin.

Roberta Birnbaum sketchy Saturday
More Klimt-inspired sketching for ETI

Roberta Birnbaum sketchy Saturday
Planning a Powertex workshop
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