December 06, 2010

A nice surprise for a certain Texan....

As promised, I drew for another winner in my Blog 'Follow Me' Giveaway, and I am happy to announce that the winner is

Lee Steele

Congratulations Lee!

A little about our winner:             Lee Steele joined the local circus in Michigan when she was 12. After travelling the American landscape for 6 years she decided she wanted to live in Alaska.  Life in Alaska was hard, but being an expert marksman, Lee was able to clothe and feed herself for 6 months.  The cold weather began to get to our little wilderness woman, so she headed to Texas to warm her tush.  Lee now spends her days playing 3 card monte on street corners and hustling her homemade knitted golf putter covers in her spare time.

Lee and I have become friends through TheHive and we enjoy challenging eachother.
Thank you again to everyone else for joining me here and I hope to have another nice blog candy to give away very soon.

Lee please contact me through TheHive with your mailing address. 

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