December 23, 2013

Last Minute Gifts - Cheap!

Christmas is almost here and you're saying, "What, it's on the 25th this year? Why that's in 2 days!"

Well, even if you knew about it and you're all set but maybe looking for some fun holiday crafts, here's a suggestion:

A cross pendant!

I used:

square bezel
mosaic tile sheet
Martha Stewart White Gold microbeads
Recollections Sparkle embossing powder
ETI Jewelry Clay
ETI resin


I mixed the amount of clay I wanted as per ETI instructions and spread it on the bezel ( not too thin) but not right to the edges because once I push the tiles into the clay it will spread out and I don't want lots of clay oozing up and out and every which way.
Sprinkle some Sparkle on top and push into clay. I gave a quick heat zap to iit.
Place tiles on top and push into clay.
Wipe off tiles and metal surfaces with a baby wipe so clay doesn't dry where it's not supposed to.
Let clay dry and set.

I then gently poured RESIN into the cross between the tiles and brushed resin onto the exposed clay surrounding the 'cross'. After 10 minutes (it allows the resin to start to gel and harden) I poured micro beads into the crevices.

Once it dried, I attached a pretty ribbon. Make this into a pendant or tree ornament!


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