January 05, 2011

Robi's Take: Our First Show was a Great Success!!!

I had such a good time last night with Cyn Gagen on our first-ever 'In The Zone' Show, on the Creative EdVentures Web TV channel!

Thank you to everyone who came out to have fun! The playback, if you missed the live show, is always available afterwards and it can be found here.

Every week we will have a theme and a giveaway! yay!  Each week we will give you a special word and on the last show of each month we will randomly choose one winner from everyone who is in the room.  If you can give us all 3 or 4 'special words' for the month == YOU WIN!  (HINT:  The words will form a sentence.)The monthly prize will always be special!

Our first weekly winner was Vickie Stabile!  Yay Vickie! Weekly winners are eligible for the monthly prize, but can only win a weekly prize once every 2 months (so we can spread the love) :)

About last night's show:
A new year, a new beginning, and endless possibilities!

We discussed how we, and many others, have chosen one word to represent what they want to focus on for the coming year.  Cynthia's word is 'FAITH', and my chosen word is 'LIVE'.  We both talked about our personal interpretations of our word.
Just talking about what you want to do/be/achieve often doesn't yield the most successful results.  Being Crafters, we are visual and tactile people, and therefore transforming our words into works of art or anything material, appears to be far more meaningful and seems to keep us 'grounded'.

Cyn showed us how she incorporated her 'word' into a wonderful winter-themed creation. We learned some excellent techniques including making your own coloured, casted pieces -- Cyn used Kool-aid to achieve her green colour!! She used paint and iridescent paper, and bubble wrap. Check out the playback to see how she used lace in the painting.

Cyn had faith that this would turn out!! :) And it did!

Grape Kool-aid!!! Who knew???
Instead of a 'vision board', I chose to make a 4 page book.  The book is bound and on each page, a word symbolizing 'live'.

As a second project, I chose to make a special box into which I could put the 'Reflection Rocks' I made. Each pretty, turquoise, smooth rock featured one word, like 'live','peace','laugh'. Just creating and producing these items was a very cathartic experience for me.

Using a 'rub on' word
'live' embossed with gold on one of my Reflection Rocks

My special rock box. 

Please join us next Monday night at 9 pm EST.

Remember to be kind to yourself, and maybe you will tell us: What is YOUR word??


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