May 29, 2011

Investigative Crafting 101

Investigative Crafting 101

The Subject:  Stampendous Marble Texture Cube TC01

I have had my eye on these intriguing rubber blocks for quite a while now.  Whenever I browsed the 'stamp section' at Michaels I would see some on the shelf, but at a regular sale price of $22 I repeatedly snubbed that rubbery block and proceeded to the $1.50 bins.

Marble Texture Block
Directions for Dummies: As you can see they also kindly remind you which side you are stamping (A,B,C)
Today, with my 50% off coupon (good today only) clutched in my left hand, I decided to finally buy one and see 'what exactly it did'.
I never realized there were actually instructions written right on the block; that made my investigation move much more smoothly, for sure.

Side A

Side B

Side C

Applying lightest value to Side A
Juicy Yellow
I also happily plucked 2 CraftSmart Pigement Embossing Ink Pads from the Clearance shelf (one yellow and one blue) for $1.49 each (regular $7.99)!! These babies are SUPER juicy!  I used the yellow one in my investigation

Side A stamped
Inking Side B with the next darker value
2 colours applied; Side A inked and stamped, and Side B inked and stamped on top of Side A

Inking Side C with the darkest value

The finished image.  All 3 layers were applied.
Colours used
Products/Companies used:
Ancient Page inks in Leaf Green and Neptune
Craft SMART (Michaels Brand)  Pigment Embossing Ink Pad in Yellow
STAMPENDOUS! TC01 Marble Texture Cube
Regular Cardstock
In Conclusion 
I'm really happy with the price I paid.  I'm impressed with the quality of the rubber and how well it took the ink.
I love the concept and there are wonderful possibilities with it. Embossing one layer would be cool. 
If you think about it you are getting FAR more than just the 3 sides, or just 3 individual stamps. My Grade 13 Math is failing me right now, but trust me, there are many combinations!
Happy Stamping!!

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