May 24, 2011

My 1st TAP dance!

 My first TAP dance!! It was so much fun and very easy to do. This is the project I made for the May 16th episode of In the Zone.
I had some TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) sent to me, courtesy C&T Publishing and used it in this project.  I chose black and white fabric (stripes and toile) to transfer the images on.
Using the TAP was quite simple: I created an image I wanted to transfer to my fabric; in this case I wrote a poem and wanted to display it over an image of a piano.  Once I was satisfied with my image and saved it as a jpeg file I selected the Print button.  I had placed the special TAP paper  into the printer already, making sure the purple side was facing down. You do not need to adjust the paper setting but you MUST adjust the printer option which allows you to print the MIRROR image of your chosen design.  If there is any print in your image you must 'mirror' or 'reverse' the print  so that it will print out properly when it is applied to your desired surface.
Creating your image on the computer

wrong way to put in your paper; you do not want to see the purple side (the other side is white)

You want the white side up

Most important when your image has printing - check the Mirror Image box before you print.

Once your image is printed (using an InkJet NOT a Laser), you can take your iron and by applying heat, transfer the image to your desired surface.
My cloth book
 Thank you for reading my post. If you liked it, please let me know.
Thank you, Roberta.

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