June 02, 2011

New Time for robi@nite 11 PM Thursdays

Tonight's show will be BURSTING at the seams, it will EXPLODE with ideas!

After our usual Free-for-all playing SWWYDWT??? ("So, what would you do with this", for the uninitiated:), I will demo HOW to MAKE an exploding CARD, also known as a Squash card, or book.
Cynthia Gagen, will be a guest demonstrator showing a beautiful version of this object as an ORNAMENT! 
Please join Cyn and I at 11 PM Eastern time; that's 8 PM Pacific, 9 PM Mountain, and 10 PM Central.
I have received 2 excellent SWWYDWT submissions for tonight from "Red Weaver" and "Molly Smith", along with a VERY non-conventional object I uncovered! 

I have also decided to award a monthly prize of an Amazon.com Gift Card to one randomly selected SWWYDWT participant who SUBMITS an item for our 'game'.   
So, if you have submit a picture in June, you qualify for this month's drawing.  So far Kelly D, Molly and Red are in the running ---- how about YOU?


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