June 04, 2011

so much went on Thursday night!

Robi@Nite June 2, 2011 To watch the playback, here is the link:Robi@Nite June 2, 2011

A rebel-rousing hour was had by all.   Thank you to everyone who came out to the live webcast!

SWWYDWT (So What Would You Do with This)  objects of note:
  • pretty plastic luggage-type tags courtesy Molly Smith
  • skeleton toile courtesy Red Weaver
  • and I proposed 'Xray films'
We brainstormed SO many amazing ideas.  I love the effects I could get from the Xrays.

For my demo du jour, I showed how to make an 'exploding book' or 'squash book'. Here are a few pics:

Cyn Gagen ornament

Cynthia Gagen was my Guest for the evening and she shared how to make beautiful ornaments using the same paper-folding technique.

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